authentico Authentication

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Authentico on the whole will be Aadhaar based person identity authentication system with instant verification.

Several requesting entities (or service providers) require individuals to submit their identity proofs that serve as an enabler for providing consumer services, subsidies or benefits. While collecting such identity proofs, these service providers face challenges in verifying/validating the correctness of identity information documents or proofs submitted by individuals.

The purpose of Aadhaar Authentication is to provide a digital, online identity platform so that the identity of Aadhaar number holders can be validated instantly anytime, anywhere.

With the means of this we aim to achieve the goal of truth, legitimate use, the main agenda of our government to eliminate falsies work.

Modes of Authentication:

    • Demographic authentication : The Aadhaar number and demographic information of the Aadhaar number holder obtained from the Aadhaar number holder is matched with the demographic information of the Aadhaar number holder in the CIDR.
    • One-time pin based authentication: A One Time Pin (OTP), with limited time validity, is sent to the mobile number and/ or e-mail address of the Aadhaar number holder registered with the Authority, or generated by other appropriate means. The Aadhaar number holder shall provide this OTP along with his Aadhaar number during authentication and the same shall be matched with the OTP generated by the Authority.
    • Biometric-based authentication : The Aadhaar number and biometric information submitted by an Aadhaar number holder are matched with the biometric information of the said Aadhaar number holder stored in the CIDR. This may be fingerprints-based or iris-based authentication or other biometric modalities based on biometric information stored in the CIDR.

Aadhaar authentication enables agencies to verify identity of residents using an online and electronic means where the agency collects required information from the resident along with resident’s Aadhaar Number and passes the same to UIDAI systems for verification. Aadhaar authentication service provides services to instantly verify the identity of the resident against the available data in CIDR.  Based on the needs of the service, different identifiers could be used along with Aadhaar Number. These identifiers could be combination of biometrics (such as fingerprints, iris impressions) and/or demographic information (such as Name, Date of birth, Address) and/or a secret PIN or OTP number known only to the resident.

Some of the benefits of Aadhaar authentication

  • Promotes paperless environment
  • No risk of forged documents
  • Authorization of Resident thereby protecting Resident privacy
  • Compliant with latest standards notified in IT, Amendment Rules 2011
  • Real time and instantaneous results
  • Elimination of paper verification, movement and storage

authentico eKYC

Aadhaar Authentication is a process by which Aadhaar number along with Aadhaar holder’s personal information (biometric/demographic) is submitted to UIDAI and UIDAI responds only with a “Yes/No”.

The purpose of authentication is to enable Residents to provide their identity and for the service providers to supply services and give access to the benefits.NSDL e-Gov also provides e-KYC services of UIDAI to entities whereby the KYC details of a Resident like Name, Address, Date of Birth, Gender, Photograph, Mobile No., e-mail ID (if available) are provided by UIDAI in a secured manner to the end user.

Aadhaar authentication and e-KYC services are available to different sectors of the industry ranging from Banks, Insurance companies, Government Organizations, Passport Offices, Airports, Depository Participants, Payment Gateway Provider, etc.

authentico eVISITOR BOOK

As per Indian Laws, every Guest has to go through verification process. Usually the process opted by hotels is to take ID proof of the guests. Sometimes the guests don’t carry their original IDs & even the documentary proofs can be forged. So authentico can help.

With Authentico eKYC of guests can be done with Aadhaar server. eKYC is realtime and 100% correct. Some key features:

  1. Realtime
  2. Paperless
  3. Authenticated
  4. Aadhaar based

Authentico also offers eVisitor Book, completely operable by UIDAI eKYC and authentication process. This feature can be used by following:

  • Hospitality Industry
  • Any industry for the reception
  • Health Industry for their Patients

eVisitor Book feature enables identify a visitor by UID number and Biometric; using UIDAI eKYC. No other details are required.