Machine Management

Meter Data Management (MDM) performs long-term data storage and management for the vast quantities of data delivered by IR4g Metering Devices, at DT Meter, Transformer and end customer. MDM is a component in the Smart Grid infrastructure.


  • Meter Data Capture¬†automatically and remotely (e.g., 15 minutes, hourly etc)
  • Eliminates estimated bills and adjustments
  • Increases billing accuracy
  • Automatic outage detection
  • Optimizes dispatching of line crews
  • Fleet Management GIS based
  • Restoration notification
  • Tampering and theft detection capabilities.
  • Ready integrations with head-end and AMI systems


  • Eliminate Manual meter data collection, management, and sharing
  • Reduces cost per read
  • Reduces unbilled revenue
  • Reduces Call Center labor and telephone expense
  • Reduces Field Service labor and equipment expense
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Comply with regulatory mandates.
  • Metering to cash operations

IR4g Outage Management

IR4g Outage Management System solutions enable faster & accurate detection and analysis of outages to system wide disturbances. Automated data collection, organization, analysis, and display improve employees’ situational awareness, organizational productivity, safety, and morale and also improve communications between and among a utility, its customers, and other stakeholders

Today, with the increased pressure on utilities to track and report outages accurately, OMS is a critical analysis tool. IR4g OMS is a comprehensive, cost-effective solution that helps you reduce outage duration by locating outages faster and giving you better information for directing your response.